How to manage clients through needs

The situation faced by the modern economy, along with modern business and marketing, is quite interesting. It is interesting because it happened for the first time in the history of mankind. Previously, there was nothing like this, because before there was always a shortage of goods, a shortage of resources and everything sold well. Now it is gone, there are so many products that the eyes run away, there are also enough resources and they are quite cheap, so you need to change the way you manage your customers.

You can even say that there are no problems with money. If you don’t have your own money, you can take out a loan and buy almost anything you want. But sales, despite this, are not going as we would like, business is not going as we would like. Moreover, business and sales do not go at all. They do not go so far that you can constantly see how one or another company, often a well-known company, announces its departure from the market.

If someone very famous leaves the market, where he worked for a long time before, then there is nothing for everyone else to do on it. You can only leave the market for one reason, which is that there are not enough customers in the market. There are people, but no customers. Can I create clients? You can, but to do this, you need to manage your clients by managing their needs.

If there are few consumers in the market, then the problem of modern Economics and marketing is not that someone has little money to buy goods or services, or that there are not enough goods, or that there are not enough resources. The problem is that people don’t have enough motivation to buy goods and services. When there is motivation, you can find money and resources, but when there is no motivation, you can not find it, because there is simply no one to do it.

Perfect customer management

It does not have a structure, and therefore is invisible, but it has a strong energy-informational potential, which it seems to throw into the person, as if through a syringe. If an electron passes calmly through a person, so calmly that a person usually does not even notice it, then an idea, if it has hit a person, causes an energy-informational storm in him.

How does customer management work through an idea? It’s very simple. First, the idea is generated. Then it is embedded in the client and begins to influence him. This is where customer management begins. As a result of the introduction of the idea, an energy-informational storm arises within the client.

At first, the client doesn’t know what is happening to them, they want to deal with it and they need information. He is looking for this information, he to become her consumer. When the information is sufficient, when the curiosity is removed, the storm continues, and with renewed vigor. He already knows what’s happening to him and knows what he needs. In this case, the person has a state of need, which is eliminated through the purchase of goods.

At the same time, the product must correspond to the idea that created the energy-informational storm in it. The customer perceives the need created in this way as a personal desire to get some product. This object it seems to acquire for itself, but really in order to release an energy-informational storm from itself, in order to develop the idea embedded in it. In this way, you can create not only needs, but also new market segments.

Due to the fact that the idea remains in the person, the energy-informational storm, even if it is released outside the person, can play out in him again and again. This is the second stage of customer management. Now customer management is going through re-activation of the implemented idea. When the idea is re-activated, for example through advertising, the client again needs a certain object that was previously purchased.

For example, very often in a person this storm is caused by the idea of hunger. The only way to get rid of this storm is to eat. Food is like a grounding device for an energy-informational storm. Another example is a hunger for information. It occurs every time a new idea is introduced into a person.

As a result, an energy-informational storm is played out, more precisely, it is more informational than energy. In this case, a person needs to get certain information, and they do it through available means: mobile phones, Newspapers, the Internet, and so on. The constant introduction of new ideas creates a need for the Internet, mobile phones, Newspapers and magazines.

Thus, the main activity of any company, which only brings it profit, is to work with ideas aimed at managing customers by introducing new ideas to them, or by activating old ideas. The client is actually the person that your idea is embedded in. Working with ideas will create an energy-informational storm in the client again and again.

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