Honor Band 5i: inexpensive fitness tracker with USB charging

Smart bracelet for $30 approximately. In addition to charging, it is interesting in color – available in dusty pink and olive versions (the usual black is also available).

What does it look like?

Despite the changes in the charging design and new colors, the bracelet looks exactly like the Band 5. Except that the frame around the screen is the color of the strap, not the color of the case. There is only one touch control button near the screen. The strap is made of soft silicone, smooth, tactile more like last year’s Band 4, but I like this material more, it is more pleasant. In addition, it has more holes, which does not affect the ergonomics, but I think it will be very useful in the summer, when in the heat you want to hide from any contact with external objects.

What’s wrong with the screen?

If the older version uses an AMOLED matrix with a diagonal of 0.95 inches and a resolution of 120×240 points, then here-a TFT with a diagonal of 0.96 inches and a resolution of 80×160 points. The decrease in resolution is noticeable to the eye, although in the photo it is not so obvious, I think the camera algorithms”finish”. Even if you do not compare the bracelet with other devices, you can still see that the image on the screen is grainy.

What can it do?

In terms of features, this is almost the same Band 5 (which, by the way, we now consider the most interesting among low-cost fitness trackers), the only difference is that it has fewer training modes.

There are no running courses or swimming. The characteristics of the bracelet indicate that it has protection from moisture, but it feels like the manufacturer would not want users to avoid unnecessary contact with water. I may be exaggerating, though.

The bracelet has nine training modes, among them-different options for walking and running, Cycling, rowing simulator and “other” (I usually use this mode for strength training). For each workout, you can set your own goals (time, distance, calories) and alerts.

Tracker has standard functions like heart rate measurement, sleep monitoring, alarm clock (you can set several), notifications from apps (everything is configured in “Health”), timer, stopwatch, and other standard details.

What are the alternatives?

Do not forget that the market still has such a serious player as Xiaomi. Mi Band 4 is also good. But I do not really like the interface of the gadget and the app, although Xiaomi does not rank in the popularity of these trackers. If you have a Huawei/Honor smartphone, then I do not see the point in buying a fitness tracker from another manufacturer. If the smartphone is of a different brand, then, of course, you can look around. But my opinion about the fact that the most interesting tracker on the market now is Honor Band 5, remains unchanged for now.


Honor Band 5i is worth the money. The manufacturer, within a modest budget, was still able to give it a color display and did not skimp on soft buns. But I have repeatedly written that fitness trackers with sensible characteristics today are so inexpensive (there are excellent models up to $50) that it makes no sense to save a third of this amount and buy something simpler. Honor tried and added a killing feature in the form of USB charging to this fairly simple model. But since you don’t have to charge smart wristbands so often, I still recommend looking towards the unsolicited “five”.

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